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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Afrikaners Establish Exclusive All-White PLE-Style Community In Orania, South Africa

The Pioneer Little Europe (PLE) concept, already established in the United States in locations like Kalispell and Crescenta Valley, has spread to South Africa. In fact, a PLE community for Whites has actually existed in South Africa since 1990, three years before F.W. deKlerk surrendered the country to the African National Congress.

On May 8th, 2013, the Daily Mail reported on the existence of Orania, located in a remote part of Northern Cape Province. The community of approximately 1,000 people was first established in December 1990, when 40 Afrikaner families, headed by Carel Boshoff, the son-in-law of former South African prime minister Hendrik Verwoerd, bought the dilapidated town, which was a construction camp of builders of the Vanderkloof Dam on Gariep River, for around US$ 200,000. Built on 8,000 hectares of private farmland along the Orange River in the Karoo region, it has schools, a museum and even its own currency, the Ora. However, all the residents are Afrikaners -- descendants of white migrants of Dutch and German heritage -- who make up about 7 per cent of South Africa's population. 

No non-whites live in the community. Yet despite there being no black faces in sight, the people insist their town is not racist. Carel Boshoff IV, the son of the late founder of the town Carel Boshoff III, said 
"When new people come to Orania, they are interviewed by a group of people to make sure that they have sufficient understanding of what the town is about". 
Their primary objective is to preserve Afrikaner language and culture, although they hope their town will be a springboard to an independent state for the Afrikaner people. Here's an AFP video report:

So far, the South Africa government is not interfering with Orania, because its existence is actually protected under Article 235 of South Africa's Constitution, which ensures the right to self-determination. The legislation recognizes the right of self-determination for any community sharing a common cultural and language heritage within a territorial entity within the republic.

And the arrangement in Orania confers additional benefits; residents report they are safe from the crime wave which engulfs most of the country, and don't have to lock their cars or their homes at night. What a contrast to other parts of South Africa where home invasions and carjackings occur even during broad daylight.

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  1. It is racist to be proud of your own race and to favor it above all others. It certainly is. However, it is not a bad thing to be a racist. That's the truth. Being a racist is the most natural, noble, and sensible thing in the world. And almost everyone is a racist, whether they will admit it or not. It was the Jews who put a bad smell on the word racist, and that smell ought to be washed off and the word polished so that it gleams with rectitude, and perhaps with a holy light.